Welcome to the Fetal Heart Academy!

Our purpose

Prenatal screening ultrasonographers have the difficult task of recognizing that one irregularity amongst the regular: the deviation that could implicate a heart defect. That deviation may be subtle. What better way then to identify it then having seen it before?

That is where the Fetal Heart Academy comes in. With our extensive image library of congenital heart defects, you now have an encylopedia at your disposal to verify your suspicion by comparing it to known cases. If you have any doubt, a fetal echo is always the safe choice.

Learn to identify

By sharing our image library, the Fetal Heart Academy hopes to encourage everyone to watch, compare and learn!

The images and explanations clarify what signs should prompt you to be alert. The image library is ordered by type of heart defect, so you can easily find your way around, and familiarize yourself with congenital heart defects.

Each case consists of several video clips and stills of the same fetus (sometimes at different gestational age), and has multiple tabs, always with the same system: first the four chamber view, followed by the left ventricle outflow tract, right ventricle outflow tract, three vessel view and three vessel trachea view. Sometimes extra tabs with different planes are added.

You can start by watching this video lecture, an introduction to fetal heart defects:

The Fetal Heart Academy is a living entity. New cases with educational value will continue to be added. So don’t forget to check us regularly!

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