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Right aortic arch case 1

27 weeks
Normal 4 chamber view, ventricles are symmetrical.
Color Doppler is switched on, but no signs of a ventricular septum defect.
The normal flow across the foramen ovale is clearly visible (direction right to left, red).
Three vessel view.
The vessel in upper part of the clip is the pulmonary artery and ductus arterioses.
The aorta should run directly next the the pulmonary artery/duct, but is positioned more to the right.
Between those 2 vessels a bright white spot is visible: the trachea.
Thus the aorta runs to the right side of the traches, before it crosses to the left side of the body where the duct enters the aorta. This configuration of the vessels is called: U-sign.
The right superior caval vein is visible next to the aorta.
Same plane as clip 2, but from a slightly different insonation angle.
The U-sign with the trachea in between is clearly visible.