PA-IVS case 1

Asymmetrical 4 chamber view.
The right ventricle is very small and thickened.
Color Doppler recording of the 4 chamber view.
Inflow in the right ventricle is minimal, with massive regurgitation over the tricuspid valve (red whirlpool).
Normal left ventricular outflow tract.
Note the non-contracting right ventricle.
3 vessel view.
The pulmonary valve annulus is quite normal.
The fact that the valve is not opening is not visible in stills, you need real time imaging for that.
3VTV: the ductal arch is red, indicating reversed flow.
This is a sign of severe stenosis or atresia of the valve.
Normal abdominal situs.
Aortic arch and ductal arch in 1 clip.
Aortic arch is red (forward flow), ductal arch is blue (reversed flow).