AoS case 1

4 chamber view.
The left ventricle is extremely enlarged, does not contract and has a global shape.
Note the bright hyperechogenic lining at the inside of the ventricle (fiboelastosis).
Color Doppler recording.
The pressure in de left ventricle is high, preventing any blood to enter the left ventricle: no inflow is visible across the mitral valve.
A small red jet can been seen, indicating some leakage.
Left ventricular outflow tract, a bit small but furthermore appearing relatively normal.
Color Doppler recording of the foramen ovale and mitral valve.
Mitral valve: no inflow, some leakage (red jet).
Across the foramen ovale, a predominantly blue signal is visible (flow from right to left).
Aorta arch is small.
Reversed flow.
3VTV: ductal arch is blue.
The aortic arch in red, because of reversed flow.
Ductal arch, forward flow.