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Normal heart case 1

4 chamber view.
Heart has a normal size (fits more or less 3 times in the thorax).
Atria are equally sized.
Foramen ovale valve opens leftwards.
Both AV valves have an equal diameter.
The right ventricle contain the moderatorband (thus: morphological right ventricle), the left ventricle shows left ventricle morphology (smooth ventricular septum and a sharp triangle shaped apex).
Left ventricular outflow tract.
Aortic valve is clearly visible.
The valve is thin and opens smoothly.
Sweep from 4 chamber view to 3VTV (3vessel trachea view).
This sweep shows the right ventricular outflow tract nicely.
The valve is thin and opens smoothly.
3VTV (3 vessel trachea view).
Both ductal arch (at the left side of the image) and aortic arch run left from the trachea (white dot in front of the spine).
The vena cava superior is visible as a circle (transverse plane) next to the aorta.
Aortic arch in longitudinal plane.
The aorta arises centrally from the heart and is circular shaped, also called umbrella sign.